CIEQV is organized in 3 research lines. Every research line has different scientific topics. The researchers will work in every research line by affinity interests however not excluding the possibility of working in an area resulting from the interconnection of the different research lines.

The 3 research lines are:
Individual and Group Behaviors: this research line covers the study of motor behavior, human motricity disorders, and the body's interaction with the environment; individual and collective dynamics, in particular the social influence, the organizations dynamics and their influence on individual and organizational life quality;
Habits and Lifestyles: this research line covers the study of human behavior concerning food and its specialized production; the physical activity and their relationship to healthy lifestyles; the life quality in various contexts (urban, rural); the life quality at work;
Education and training: this research line covers the study of competence skills of trainers and trainees; teaching models; creation and innovation of technological tools that promote and enhance skills and knowledge.
CIEQV believes that through its research and strategig programme will contribute for the production of knowledge and innovation and to promote improvement in the life quality of human beings, topic that is enormously relevant for the development of the population in the next years.