CIEQV objectives are focused on research, development and innovation, namely:

  • – Intends to develop research activities, development and innovation in food and food production, physical activity and education, with particular emphasis on applied research.
  • – Demonstrate, through the CIEQV research lines, the scientific and applied research transversality, as a way of highlighting its contribution to an increase of the life quality improvement;
  • – Create scientific legacy in the CIEQV research area, through products, technology and patents;
  • – Scientific production through various forms: Publications in international journals with scientific arbitration, books, chapters of books, DVDs, digital productions, abstracts, conferences, communications, posters, workshops, e-actions;
  • – Collaborative research with other I&D centers and Laboratories, national and international;
  • – Joint research especially with regional companies in the CIEQV research areas, with the aim to meet the business and industrial needs for its development and evolution;
  • – Support the PhD programs of the students integrated with IPS and IPL investigators;
  • – Develop in partnership with other national and international research centers PhD programs, on applied research in the CIEQV research areas;
  • – Support through human and material resources the development of post-graduate programs and its research.