CIEQV: The Life Quality Research Centre (CIEQV) has, as its mission, the contribution for the production of knowledge and innovation and to promote improvement in the life quality of human beings.

The mission of CIEQV is aligned with the priorities of the "Europe 2020", with regard to some of the societal challenges, particularly in the maintenance of high standards of life quality in various age groups and social contexts.
The CIEQV focuses its research in the areas: (a) food production (food security and sustainable agriculture), (b) physical activity as a condition for the citizens life quality,  (c) education in its various aspects, combined with the creation and use of innovative and applied technology, and (d) the working people life quality. In this way the research promoted by CIEQV will have a multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary knowledge approach in the mentioned areas in order to enhance innovation and scientific excellence.